Foundation Retrofitting In Los Angeles

When living in a state like California, it is especially important to take safety precautions toward an earthquake simply due to how widespread they are. The most useful way to protect your house from an earthquake is to get an earthquake retrofit performed on your home. This can save you money in renovations later and may also save the lives of those you love.

Earthquakes are very unpredictable general disasters, so you must be sure to hire the right contractor to keep you healthy and safe in the case of an earthquake.

If you are looking to prepare a retrofit performed on your home, then Sage Builders Inc. is the ideal choice. We can manage your wide retrofitting demands.


Retrofitting assists in protecting your house from alterations in the land and vibrations that can cause harm to your foundation. Earthquake Retrofitting is distinct for each house. Potential dangers require responsibility; that’s why qualified and licensed foundation experts are a must.

Here at Sage Builders, we walk you through and make sure you experience and acknowledge exactly what is occurring in every step of the procedure.

At first, the Sage Builders team will evaluate and inspect your house and it’s the present foundation. Common options in California have Raised foundation with crawl space, Slab foundation, and basement foundation (with walls and slabs).

Earthquake Retrofitting in LA & House Bolting

The sage retrofitting process can be performed in several conditions. Usually, our services are not required on a fully-maintained and steady foundation.  However, in some scenarios, even a well-maintained house could require a foundation repair or retrofit.

A few factors lead us to our work. First, a deep examination of the structure of your home. The structures condition will show us either serious damages, cracks, and any damage that hasn’t been repaired in past earthquakes. In rare cases, we would find damage in a repair that has been done poorly.

The next step is either finalizing blueprints with an engineer and/ or a custom plan for the infrastructure repair.

In southern California (or California in general) foundation inspection, is not merely optional, it is demanded in order to keep your house, and your family protected. For home-owners, we offer free inspection and quotes, so there will be no hidden fees. Sage Builders team is trained, and our rates are competitive. 

Qualified Professionals Here To Help

We utilize only the highest quality supplies in order to guarantee the highest class of service. Each of our team members specializes in foundation renovation.

How Do I Know If My House Requires Foundation Repair?

Most houses built before 1980 could be extremely improved to reduce earthquake dangers. Even houses built in the ’80s in many scenarios could be adjusted. Houses developed after 1990 are likely to have earthquake-resistant qualities and usually have those features installed in the first development process.

Seismic malfunctions occur when a structure either slip off its concrete foundation or when walls collapse. Seismic malfunctions usually require reinforcing the connections within the house and the structure’s foundation.

The current strength of your structure, or any vulnerabilities of your home in the case of an earthquake, would likely be determined when our crew arrives for a foundation inspection. Our experienced earthquake professionals will make suggestions for strengthening your foundation.  

Retrofitting single-family houses recognized as one of the most affordable seismic solutions these days.

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